GPG Key Policy

If you wish to communicate securely with me, you may use the following key:

pub 4096R/E396251E 2010-08-02 [expires: 2015-08-01]
Key fingerprint = 76B4 DA54 86AB DBA3 BF69 EC69 F7E6 4BC0 E396 251E
uid Lucas Bickel <hairmare(at)>
uid Lucas Bickel / Karbon <karbon(at)>
uid Lucas Bickel <hairmare(at)>
sub 4096R/29BB59C5 2010-08-02 [expires: 2015-08-01]

You may use this policy to decide if you trust keys that were signed with the
above key.

This policy may be found on

Key Usage

I currently have one key that I rely on for secure communications as well as
key signing. If needed I will create seperate keys for signing packages and
other use cases.

My current key expires in 2015 but I plan on stopping to use it after three
years leaving it available for validating for an additional two years.
Matching revocation certificates are stored in a secure location as printout
and on CD.

My public keys may be found on the servers and on

Key Signing

I only sign keys of people I have personally met. I feel most comfortable when
signing keys of people I have known for some time. As I have not attended any
keysigning parties yet, this part of my key policy is most likely to change in
the near future.

I employ the following signature levels for signing.

Type ID Description
sig 0 0×10 Used for signing automated, non personal keys as well as test keys with a lifetime of less than half a year.
sig 1 0×11 Unused.
sig 2 0×12 Used for keys from strangers checked during keysigning parties.
sig 3 0×13 Used for one-on-one keysigning, with basic email validation and extensive multiple photo ID checks. May be used for keys checked at keysigning parties or over the phone from people I know really well.

Signed Keys

Select keys that i have signed will be listed here.

Revision History


This policy is based on inputs from the follwing policies


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